'Scariest Car Crash Ever Caught On Video' : The Two-Way The driver was not hurt. She's lucky, because a piece of lumber came flying into her windshield. And it was all recorded by her camera phone.

'Scariest Car Crash Ever Caught On Video'

Whether it actually is or isn't the "scariest car crash ever caught on video," as Jalopnik.com says, this is a truly frightening thing to watch — even if you know it's coming and that the driver wasn't hurt. So, be warned: This clip is only 40 seconds long and at the 32-second mark a board comes flying into the windshield. Please don't press play if you aren't sure you want to watch.

If you do, perhaps it's a teaching moment about paying attention when you're behind the wheel? About not following too closely? And about not doing things like using your camera phone to record what's happening in front of you? (Though it's not clear that played any role in the accident.)

This happened in North Carolina. The driver, Wendy Cobb, posted it on YouTube over the weekend. She tells Jalopnik that "I don't know why I didn't scream or cuss or cry, I guess just pure shock, I could barely form words to call 911."

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