Today's Distraction: Rats On A Train : The Two-Way A second video of a rodent inside a subway train hits YouTube.
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Today's Distraction: Rats On A Train

It seems that anyone who has spent any time in the New York City subway has seen a rat or two. But a rat inside the subway train? A new video on YouTube shows a small black rodent zipping from one side of the train to the other, while New Yorkers laugh and scream and stand on the seats to avoid the furry critter.

We won't post it here, because there's quite a bit of explicit language, but the video is actually a testament to New York resilience, because most people on train take it in stride and after about two-minutes of terrifying passengers, the rat finally makes it to its stop and gets off without saying bye.

We'll note, this isn't the first time a rat-on-a-train video hits YouTube. In January, one of a much bigger rat actually climbing on a sleeping passenger went viral. And it still makes our skin crawl: