IOC Adds Women's Ski Jump To 2014 Winter Games : The Two-Way The International Olympic Committee approved women's ski jump as a 2014 Winter Games event

IOC Adds Women's Ski Jump To 2014 Winter Games

The International Olympic Committee has voted to admit women's ski jump and five other new events at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Women ski jumpers were rejected twice previously; the AP reports the IOC said there weren't enough elite women jumpers.

The AP says at least one IOC commissioner got a new understanding last month, when women competed at an event in Germany, jumping in strong wind and fog.

In 2010, women ski jumpers fought the decision to bar them from the Vancouver Games. They took the matter to the Canadian Supreme Court, hoping to win admission. But as the Calgary Herald reports, they lost; the Canadian court ruled it didn't have jurisdiction over the IOC.

The current women's ski jump team has its own Twitter feed (LetWomenJump) and web updates about international ski jumping events.

The AP says other new Winter Games events include ski halfpipe, mixed relay in biathlon and team events in luge and figure skating.

Here's the web ad supporting women's Olympic ski jumping, featuring American gold medalist Lindsey Van (who could not participate in the 2010 Winter Games).

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