'Eagle Cam' Update: All Are OK After An Owl-Related Scare Last Night : The Two-Way Millions have watched as two bald eagles in Iowa care for their three eaglets. Last night, an owl got the parents worried. They made clear, with some very loud shrieks, that it better not come close. Watch the action.

'Eagle Cam' Update: All Are OK After An Owl-Related Scare Last Night

When that owl started hooting last night, Mom and Dad were on alert. youtube.com/billlaughlin hide caption

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When we checked back this afternoon on how things are going with the pair of bald eagles, and their three eaglets that have captivated folks around the world thanks to the Decorah Eagle Cam, we saw that there was a lot of talk in the comments section about an owl "attack" last night.

Fortunately, eagle cam fans who had been watching around 2 a.m. (central time) reported that the three eaglets are fine. When the owl started hooting, Mom and Dad did a great job of basically warning that "you'd better stay away."

The owl never did swoop in to try to snatch the babies.

One eagle cam fan captured about 5 minutes of the action and posted it on YouTube. The eagles are quite vocal (there is a buzz in the audio, but it doesn't take too much away from the drama).

As the YouTube poster says, if you fast-forward to the about the 4:27 and 4:52 marks, you can hear the owl calling back.

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