Today's Distraction: Video Of Baby Moon Bears : The Two-Way A farmer saved two moon bears from a forrest in south China.

Today's Distraction: Video Of Baby Moon Bears

The AP reports that two adorable baby Asiatic black bears were rescued in a forest by a farmer in south China:

China Central Television reported that the tea farmer, Tian Shougui, heard the animals crying in the forest two weeks ago and brought them home to his house in Sichuan province's Longhua township without realizing they were bears.

"I heard their crying high up a hill, which made me very curious," Tian told CCTV in the report aired Saturday. "I didn't know what animals they were but still decided to bring them back to my home, just to save their lives."

An animal welfare group will take over caring for the moon bears — they're called that because of a crescent-shaped mark on their chests — and will eventually release the protected species to the wild.

But really, we know you only care about the video. So here it is: