Obama's Mideast Speech: Join NPR's @acarvin For A Twitter Conversation : The Two-Way During President Obama's Mideast policy speech Thursday, join NPR's Andy Carvin and Marc Lynch of FP.com's Mideast Channel for a Twitter chat on the speech, including a followup interview with deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes

Obama's Mideast Speech: Join NPR's @acarvin For A Twitter Conversation

There's been no shortage of online buzz this week in anticipation of President Obama's Thursday morning speech on U.S. Mideast policy. Much of this buzz is happening on Twitter, which along with other social media tools has played an unprecedented role in the Mideast uprisings.

It's in that spirit that I'm going to co-host a conversation on Twitter during and after the president's speech, which is scheduled to begin Thursday at 11:40am ET (1540 GMT). I'll be joined by Marc Lynch, also known on Twitter as @abuaardvark, of FP.com's Mideast Channel. And I'm @acarvin, so you can follow both of our accounts to get a play-by-play of the event. The White House contacted Marc and me several days ago, asking if we would be interested in conducting a Twitter chat related to the speech. We agreed on the condition that the two of us would run the chat and any subsequent interviews ourselves, including choosing the questions and topics to be addressed in it.

So immediately following the speech, Marc and I will interview deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes.

Rather than come up with all the questions ourselves, we'd like to invite you to help us craft the questions. If you're on Twitter and want to submit a question, please post a tweet with your question and include the hashtag #MEspeech in the tweet. You can pose your question before or during the speech. We won't be able to get to every question, of course, so we encourage everyone to follow the #MEspeech hashtag and join the broader conversation about the speech on Twitter.

For those of you not on Twitter, we'll have a live blog of the tweets here on the Two-Way, as well as a video feed of the conversation. You'll also be able to follow along on FP.com.

If you are on Twitter, though, we really encourage you to follow our two Twitter accounts, @acarvin and @abuaardvark, as well as the #MEspeech hashtag to get the full experience.