'Most Embarrassing Dad Ever?' : The Two-Way Dale Price of American Fork, Utah, dressed in costume and waved at his high school son's bus every day this school year. It went from "embarrassing to funny," the good-natured kid says.
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'Most Embarrassing Dad Ever?'

You're a high school sophomore.

A guy.

And that's your dad in the Little Mermaid costume waving to you as the school bus pulls away.

And it's dad dressed as a pirate, a Star Wars storm trooper or the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz.

For 170 straight school days. A different costume each day.

It went, "from embarrassing to funny," the incredibly good-natured Rain Price of American Fork, Utah, told Good Morning America about what his dad, Dale Price, did this year.

Dale Price, perhaps the most embarrassing dad ever, on the last day of his costumed goodbyes to his son. WaveAtTheBus hide caption

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Dale Price says the whole thing just sort of happened after he waved goodbye on the first day of school and later overheard Rain telling his mother, "mom, don't let dad go out there again." To Dale, that was a challenge.

As things do these days, dad's project led to a blog, WaveAtTheBus, where you can see lots of pictures and read up on the fun. The last costume? A pirate.