Confidence Vote Today In Greece; Huntsman To Join Race For White House : The Two-Way Greeks are watching anxiously to see if their government survives. Meanwhile, a ratings agency has warned again of the danger of default.
NPR logo Confidence Vote Today In Greece; Huntsman To Join Race For White House

Confidence Vote Today In Greece; Huntsman To Join Race For White House

Good morning.

There's word from Pakistan, as we just reported, that an army brigadier has been arrested on suspicion of having ties to a "banned organization" — Islamic militants. It's the first prominent report since the May 2 killing of Osama bin Laden of a high-ranking Pakistani officer being accused of such a link.

Also this morning, we've posted about the second round of flight cancellations in Australia and New Zealand due to the ash from a volcano in Chile, which has now circled the world twice.

And there's great anticipation for President Obama's expected announcement Wednesday on the pace and size of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

As for other stories making headlines, they include:

-- Rating Agency "Raises Default Fears" Over Greek Bonds: "Europe's hopes of preventing Greece [from] defaulting on its debts were knocked on Tuesday as ratings agency Fitch declared that it will declare the country to be in default if commercial banks agree to roll their loans over, as EU finance ministers are planning. ... The warning came just hours ahead of a crucial confidence vote that could bring down the Greek government, as it struggles to pass a new raft of austerity measures." (The Guardian)

-- Huntsman To Officially Join Race For The White House: Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is due at the Statue of Liberty this morning. He'll use it as a backdrop to officially launch his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Huntsman, who served as Democratic President Obama's first ambassador to China, is "not well known in some early primary states. He has yet to gather the piles of cash some candidates have amassed. And his campaign is trying to attract supporters and even staffers. So how does [he] win? 'By being authentic, by being honest, by being forthright in terms of our nation's spending and debt and the unsustainable nature of it,' Huntsman said during a recent interview." (Salt Lake Tribune)

-- 44 Killed, 8 Survive When Russian Plane Crashes: "A Russian airliner crashed in heavy fog and burst into flames just short of a runway in northwestern Russia, killing 44 people, officials said. Eight people survived, dragged from the burning wreckage by locals. The RusAir Tu-134 plane had taken off from Moscow and was moments from landing at the Petrozavodsk airport when it slammed into a nearby highway just before midnight Monday." (The Associated Press)