Debt Limit Talks Continue; Record Heat Turns Deadly : The Two-Way There may be movement in contentious debt limit talks; record heat kills at least 22 people in the U.S.; Japan will soon evacuate people from hot spots where high radiation levels have been discovered; and Georgia delays a scheduled execution because another inmate's lawyers want to record it.
NPR logo Debt Limit Talks Continue; Record Heat Turns Deadly

Debt Limit Talks Continue; Record Heat Turns Deadly

Could there be movement in the contentious debt limit talks? The Washington Post reports President Obama would consider briefly extending the debt limit deadline if Congressional negotiators need it to complete a comprehensive agreement. Congressional aides from both parties hinted a 'grand bargain' lifting the federal debt limit while cutting trillions in government spending is back on the table.

The National Weather Service says deadly heat in the central U.S. has killed as many as 22 people and is creeping eastward, where hotter than normal temperatures can be expected for the next couple of weeks. The NWS has advice on avoiding heat stroke.

Japan will soon announce new "hot spots", where tests identified higher levels of radiation. Kyodo News cited Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano who says they're near the devastated Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear complex and the government will recommend evacuations.

Georgia delayed the execution of murderer Andrew DeYoung as officials deal with a state court order to videotape the man's death by lethal injection. The AP says the recording was requested by lawyers for another death row inmate who say Georgia's execution procedure doesn't adequately sedate the condemned. DeYoung is now scheduled to be executed tonight.