VIDEO: Deadly Heat Spreads Across Nation : The Two-Way Watch a visualization of how the oppressive temperatures have tracked. So far, at least 22 deaths have been blamed on the heat.

VIDEO: Deadly Heat Spreads Across Nation

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Red means hot.


No story this morning is likely affecting more Americans than the deadly, record-breaking heat wave from Texas up through the Midwest and east to the mid-Atlantic states and New England. There are heat warnings up in 30 states.

And as Korva reported earlier, at least 22 deaths have been attributed to the plus-100 degree temperatures.

It's news in many places:

-- "Hot Yesterday? Look Out Today." (Boston Globe)

-- "Excessive Heat Warnings Posted For Maryland." (Baltimore Sun)

-- "Mercury Hits 100 At Lakefront; Scorching Heat Likely To Hang Around." (Chicago Sun-Times)

-- "Heat Advisory Issued For Central Oklahoma." (The Oklahoman)

What goes up does come down, eventually, of course. And there are some glimmers of better news: "Clouds To Help Bring Heat Down," The Des Moines Register says.

The heat wave's track has been captured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Environmental Visualization Lab. Check out its video.

NOAA Visualizations YouTube

A reminder: They're common sense, but still worth pointing to — the National Weather Service's heat safety tips are posted here.