House Delays Vote On Debt Plan; Afghan Mayor Assassinated : The Two-Way House Republicans delay vote on debt limit plan; mayor of Kandahar murdered; Britain will recognize Libyan rebels as legitimate government; landslide kills at least 32 in South Korea
NPR logo House Delays Vote On Debt Plan; Afghan Mayor Assassinated

House Delays Vote On Debt Plan; Afghan Mayor Assassinated

House Republicans pushed back a vote on their debt limit package until Thursday; they'll search for more spending cuts to equal Speaker John Boehner's initial claim that the bill would trim $1 billion dollars in federal spending, according to Politico. Over on It's All Politics, Frank tells us why Boehner's plan is taking more heat from fellow Republicans and Democrats.

The mayor of Kandahar, Afghanistan has been assassinated. The New York Times (paywall) reports Ghulam Haider Hamidi died when a suicide bomber attacked his city offices. The report says the Taliban claims responsibility. On July 12, the powerful leader of Kandahar's provincial council, Ahmed Wali Karzai, a half brother of President Hamid Karzai, was shot to death in his compound.

Britain will recognize Libya's rebels as that country's legitimate government, says the Guardian. To underscore the point, current Libyan diplomats in Britain are being expelled to make way for members of Libya's National Transitional Council. (The U.S. recognized the rebels earlier this month.)

At least 32 South Koreans died when a landslide crashed into in their northern town of Chuncheon, following heavy rain. CNN reports the same heavy rain is inundating Seoul, about 45 miles south, and there are reports of people missing.