Pot Brownie Mix-Up Gives Canadian Office Workers Unexpected High : The Two-Way After eating a co-worker's brownies, three Canadian office workers thought they had been poisoned. Turns out they were just high.

Pot Brownie Mix-Up Gives Canadian Office Workers Unexpected High

Be careful what you eat at work, because you don't know exactly what's in that batch of delicious brownies.

That's the lesson a group office drones learned in Victoria, British Columbia. The Vancouver Sun reports that three people ate some brownies brought to the office by a co-worker. After a while, the workers started complaining of "light-headedness, numbness in the limbs and disorientation."

They thought they'd been poisoned, so police were called and the workers were taken to a hospital. The Sun reports on what happened next:

Investigation led to the office refrigerator and some brownies which, it turned out, had been baked with marijuana. Further inquiries revealed all three workers had eaten the baked treats.

The brownies had been brought in by one woman who had discovered them in her freezer at home. Her son had baked the chocolate treats a year ago, stored them in the freezer and forgotten about them.

The investigating officer confronted the son, who admitted to baking the brownies.

The CBC reports that police will not press charges against the woman's son, "because there was no criminal intent." He will be placed in a "restorative justice program."

The three workers are doing fine, though we're betting they may be a little hungry.