Life's Still Hard For 'Reality Hits You Hard, Bro' Guy : The Two-Way Since George Lindell's dramatic description of his car accident, he's become an Internet star. But he's still having a tough time, The Arizona Republic reports.

Life's Still Hard For 'Reality Hits You Hard, Bro' Guy

In case you haven't seen this video yet, we'll wait while you watch. It's worth it.

The reason we bring it up today is that The Arizona Republic reports the now-viral video's star, George Lindell, may be "a celebrity in the virtual world. ... [But] in reality, his life is pretty much the same" as it was before the Sept. 15 car accident that made "reality hits you hard, bro," a phrase heard 'round the Web.


-- Is "preparing to move out of the home of a friend who [is] being evicted," doesn't have have money to get an apartment, and may end up living in the van that he was driving the day of the accident (it still hasn't been repaired).

-- Hasn't gotten any money yet from the other driver's insurance company.

-- Isn't sure about what his next job might be, other than perhaps painting houses.

He is, though, optimistic. "I'm trying not to dwell on the bad stuff," he told the Republic. "It's all about to change." Friends are trying to help him make some money off "Really hits you hard, bro" T-shirts and such.

As for the original video, it has (of course) been set to music.

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Meanwhile, the Republic has a new video of Lindell which shows he hasn't toned down.

This all reminds us of Bed Intruder Song star Antoine Dodson.