Clinton's Condemns 'Dangerous Escalation,' Iran Slams 'Baseless Claims' : The Two-Way As the U.S. continues to lay out its case about a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., Iran continues to deny any official involvement.

Clinton's Condemns 'Dangerous Escalation,' Iran Slams 'Baseless Claims'

The alleged plot by two Iranians to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, which U.S. investigators say had the support of some "factions" within Iran's government, marks a "dangerous escalation" in that nation's support for terrorism, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said this morning.

And, The Associated Press adds, she said the U.S. is seeking to build an international response that puts additional pressure on Iran — presumably through some type of sanctions.

Iran's "reckless act ... undermines international norms and the international system," Clinton said in Washington.

Meanwhile, Iran's official Press TV says the country's foreign ministry issued a statement today condemning "the baseless claims made by the U.S. government" and warning against "the repetition of such politically motivated allegations."

The Press TV report also stated that "the U.S. is the main supporter of Saudi Arabia — one of the most repressive and undemocratic regimes in the world." It did not mention the widespread reports from human rights groups and activists inside the country about human rights abuses in Iran.