BlackBerry Customers Offered Free Apps : The Two-Way Saying it's an "expression of appreciation" for customers' patience during last week's outages, Research in Motion is giving subscribers about $100 worth of "premium apps" and one month of free technical support.

BlackBerry Customers Offered Free Apps As Apology

Last week, Research in Motion apologized for the service outages that swept around the world last week, leaving millions of its BlackBerry users unable to send or receive messages.

Today, it said it's offering customers about $100 worth of free apps and a month's worth of free technical support in "appreciation for their patience during the recent service disruptions."

Damien Meyer /AFP/Getty Images
Damien Meyer /AFP/Getty Images

Among the apps subscribers can select:

-- SIMS 3.

-- Texas Hold'em Poker 2.

-- iSpeech Translator Pro.

-- Drive Enterprise.

-- Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant.

The free app offer begins on Wednesday and lasts four weeks, the company said.