VIDEO: Could It Be? A Snowboarding Bird? : The Two-Way A viral video shows a crow taking a bottle cap for a spin on a snowy Russian roof.

VIDEO: Could It Be? A Snowboarding Bird?

There seems to be some discussion as to what exactly is going on this video. But what seems to be going on is a crow having some "snowboard" fun on a Russian roof.

Others in the comments section of The Telegraph point out that perhaps the bird is trying to eat the bottle cap and the "snowboarding" is incidental. Others argue that there is clear intent on the bird's part to swoop down the roof.

Whatever. It's a pretty spectacular video that was uploaded on Jan. 9 and is just now picking up steam on the Internet. Enjoy:


If you're wondering what the people in the video are saying, according to RT, the kids are wondering if the bird is teasing them.

h/t: NPR's Wright Bryan.