?yllaeR 'Alyssa Talks Backwards' seoG lariV : The Two-Way Only on the Web: Video of a young girl who seems able to say just about any word backwards is going lariv (that's "viral").
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?yllaeR 'Alyssa Talks Backwards' seoG lariV

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"Talent, odd it is," Yoda might say.

In one of those quirks we've come to like about the Web, a video called "Alyssa talking backwards. Poteau Oklahoma" that was posted last July is just now beginning to get some viral-style attention. She seems to be quite good at quickly saying — backwards — any word she's given.

It's drawing some doubters, including someone who took "Alyssa talking backwards" and posted a version that runs ... backward.

(H/T to Huff Post Culture.)