Calif. Woman Wins Suit Over Honda Hybrid's Mileage Claim : The Two-Way Heather Peters went to small claims court after her Civic hybrid didn't get the mileage she was told it would. She's been awarded nearly $10,000.

Calif. Woman Wins Suit Over Honda Hybrid's Mileage Claim

"The Southern California owner of a Honda hybrid car has won her unusual small-claims court lawsuit against the auto giant over the vehicle's failure to deliver the promised mileage," The Associated Press reports.

It says that "a Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner has awarded Heather Peters $9,867."

As was discussed last month on All Things Considered, "Peters decided to opt out of a class-action settlement that would have given her as little as $100 and awarded the attorneys $8.5 million. The 46-year-old Los Angeles resident, who is also a lawyer, decided to even the playing field by filing her suit in a small claims court, which doesn't allow the parties to retain lawyers."

Her case: Peters showed that ads had claimed her Honda Civic hybrid would get 50 miles per gallon. In court, as Eyder previously wrote, "she came armed with hundreds of pictures of her dashboard showing that she got at best 42 miles per gallon and after a software update that number dropped to fewer than 30 miles per gallon."

According to the AP, Peters said after hearing of her court win that "sometimes big justice comes in small packages. This is a victory for Honda Civic owners everywhere."