Top Stories: Jobless Rate Dips; Iran Issues Warning : The Two-Way Also: more than 100 people still missing after ferry sinks in Papua New Guinea; protests continue in Egypt; insider trading bill advances; blizzard pounds Colorado.

Top Stories: Jobless Rate Dips; Iran Issues Warning

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- Unemployment Rate Edges Down To 8.3 Percent.

-- Iran Defiant Amid Talk Of Israeli Attack On Its Nuclear Sites.

-- Egypt Roiling: Deaths At Protests; Two Americans Reportedly Kidnapped.

-- Freddie Mac's Regulator 'Completely Puzzled' By Allegations Of Conflict.

Other news of note this morning:

-- More Than 100 People Still Missing After Papua New Guinea Ferry Sinks. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

-- "Senate Passes Ban On Insider Trading" By Lawmakers. (The Associated Press)

-- "S.E.C. Spares Large Banks From Tough Sanctions." (The New York Times)

-- Mitt Romney May Benefit From "Mormon Firewall" In Upcoming States. (Politico)

-- "Snow Storm, Blizzard Pounding Denver And NE Colorado." (The Denver Post)