Mega Millions Jackpot Grows To Record $476 Million : The Two-Way Demand is expected to be high for tickets before Friday's drawing. The odds are very long, but might you be tempted to get in on the action?
NPR logo Mega Millions Jackpot Grows To Record $476 Million

Mega Millions Jackpot Grows To Record $476 Million

If this blogger's photo isn't on The Two-Way next Monday, assume it's because he's gotten very lucky and is headed for some exotic location:

Mega Millons
The Mega Millions jackpot has never been higher.
Mega Millons

Friday's Mega Millions jackpot will be a record $476 million. The previous high was $390 million, in 2007.

Last night, as the Philadelphia Inquirer recounts, no ticket matched all six numbers in the lottery's drawing. So no one won a jackpot that was already a tidy $363 million.

Now, thanks to ticket sales that are projected to be very strong, game officials say Friday's drawing will be worth that record $476 million. Or, $341 million if you go with the lump sump cash option. (Those are pre-tax figures, of course.)

We know the odds are long — about 1 in 176 million that a ticket will be the big winner. And we don't want to encourage reckless gambling. But, we wonder: