'She Hit Me First,' Greek Slapper Says : The Two-Way Sounding something like a first grader, far-right politician Ilias Kasidiaris argues that since he didn't start it, he shouldn't be arrested for a fracas that's gone viral.
NPR logo 'She Hit Me First,' Greek Slapper Says

'She Hit Me First,' Greek Slapper Says

This sounds like something we said in first grade:

"She raised her hand and hit me first and since I respect my honor and my name, I had to defend myself. The police ought to arrest her."

That's the excuse Greek far-right politician Ilias Kasidiaris offered on Star TV for that slapfest we posted about Thursday.

He spoke from an undisclosed location because there's a warrant for his arrest.

In case you haven't seen what he's talking about, the video's here.

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