From Our Readers: Orbitz Forgot Linux : The Two-Way Good-humored readers jest about Linux users searching Orbitz.
NPR logo From Our Readers: Orbitz Forgot Linux

From Our Readers: Orbitz Forgot Linux

Our post about Orbitz showing Mac users pricier hotel options touched off what "Stephen Dintaman" termed a "tech religion war" in the comments section. However, it quickly became clear that our readership includes users of an operating system overlooked by the Mac/PC dichotomy: Linux.

Fans of the penguin reacted lightheartedly to Orbitz' marketing techniques. "Steve Fournier" joked that "Linux users simply hack the price to make it cheaper."

"Wise Adz" also poked fun at the Linux user stereotype (and Orbitz, for that matter):

"Are they going to just show Linux users hardware stores and blueprints, so that we can build our own accommodations?"

(Marissa Alioto is an intern on NPR's social media desk.)