From Our Readers: Alien Vs. Internet Memes : The Two-Way According to our readers, decisive leadership in the case of an alien invasion is the thing of memes.

From Our Readers: Alien Vs. Internet Memes

On a week monopolized by important political news, many of you still took time out to comment on our National Geographic inspired poll, which asked "Which president, would-be president or movie president would do the best job if extraterrestrials come to visit?"

"Cher Cox" recommends that "the most interesting man in the universe" take the helm— this, of course, if the POTUS isn't around:

"If President Obama isn't available to lead us through the alien invasion, I'd look for that Dos Equis guy."

I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty...

"Mark D," on the other hand, ran with "Susan Lewis'" suggestion of Hillary Clinton for the job... He would caption Kevin Lamarque's now infamous photo like this:

Hilary Clinton meme.
Meme Maker

One thing is for sure, those aliens would know that Internet memes are no joke.