VIDEO: When A Shark Steals Your Catch : The Two-Way A viral video brings Hollywood-type drama to fishing.

VIDEO: When A Shark Steals Your Catch

We dare say that fishing is rarely the most exciting of spectator sports. But a video that is just now going viral makes fishing look like a Hollywood film.

It's scary and thrilling. As WPDE in Myrtle Beach tells us, the video shows Sarah Brame reeling in her "first fish when a large Bull shark swooped in and snagged the Red Drum..."

BE WARNED the video is laced with expletives — the kinds you might expect if a big shark stole your fish:


Dead Spin adds that this is an "angler's worst nightmare," because "reds aren't the easiest to land..."

Brame channeled that sentiment with the title of her video: "The one that got away."