Top Stories: No Letup In Mideast Violence; : The Two-Way Also: Thanksgiving air travelers face bad weather and strikes; mediated talks fail between Twinkie maker, Hostess and its union; and the New Zealand volcano filmed in 'The Lord of the Rings' starts erupting.
NPR logo Top Stories: No Letup In Mideast Violence;

Top Stories: No Letup In Mideast Violence;

Good morning, here are our early stories:

No Peace:Bomb Rips Apart Bus in Tel Aviv; Israel Continues Strikes In Gaza.

India Executes Mumbai Attack Gunman.

And here are more headlines:

Busiest Travel Day Of The Year: Weather, Strikes Make Headaches For Thanksgiving Air Passengers. (ABC)

Severe Weather Pummels Northwest, Drenches Seattle Area. (Los Angeles Times)

Congolese Rebels Solidify Control Of Eastern Provincial Capital, As Civil War Fear Grows. (CBC)

Egyptian Protesters Firebomb Al Jazeera Office In Cairo, Attack Police Station. (AP)

Investigators Removed From Ireland Panel Examining Death Of Ailing Woman Whose Abortion Request Was Rejected. (Irish Times)

Fiery, Deadly Indiana Home Explosion Now A Homicide Investigation. (AP)

Mediated Talks Fail Between Hostess, Union - Hostess To Liquidate Assets. (Bloomberg)

Volcano Filmed In 'Lord Of The Rings' As 'Mordor' Begins To Erupt. (Phys.Org)