Bud's Latest Clydesdale Star Named 'Hope' By Fans : The Two-Way Budweiser says it got more than 60,000 suggestions from fans after it asked for help in naming the not-so-little horse who's seen in its latest Super Bowl ad.

Bud's Latest Clydesdale Star Named 'Hope' By Fans

The Clydesdale foal who starred at the start of Budweiser's popular Super Bowl ad this week has a name.

According to Bud, after it asked for suggestions from Facebook and Twitter followers it got more than 60,000 messages and Hope "was one of the more popular female names generated through the social media crowd-sourcing." So Hope it is.

She was born Jan. 14 and already weighs more than 200 pounds.

There's an "extended version" of the Super Bowl ad here. It came in No. 1 on USA Today's annual "ad meter" of Super Bowl spots.

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There's also word from Bud that another Clydesdale born last month at the company's breeding facility in Boonville, Mo., has been named Stan in honor of former St. Louis Cardinals great Stan Musial.

Musial, one of the best baseball players ever, died on Jan. 19. Stan, the Clydesdale, was born on Jan. 14.

The beer giant says that "more than 30 baby Clydesdales are expected to be born this year at the 300-acre Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville." As of Tuesday, four had been born.

Clydesdales, Bud adds, "have been an integral part of Anheuser-Busch's heritage since April 7, 1933. ... They were formally introduced to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition for beer." There are now nearly 200 in the company's fold.