Tough Turkeys Are Taking Over A California Town : The Two-Way The birds are roaming the town of Albany on the east side of San Francisco Bay. They're messy, they're loud and they can be aggressive. And if you don't think they can be scary, check how freaked out one California TV producer got when she encountered just one turkey in another town.

Tough Turkeys Are Taking Over A California Town

Turkeys roaming a neighborhood in Albany, Calif. (Video posted on Feb. 19, 2013.)

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So many wild turkeys are roaming the streets and yards of Albany, Calif., along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, that some parents aren't letting their children go out to play.

There's the issue of the birds' droppings. "You can see it's just a mess," parent Renu Bhatt tells KQED about her home's backyard. Just imagine what happens when up to 30 turkeys decide to get together.

And there's the issue of the birds' aggressiveness. CBS SF Bay Area says that's also got some parents' worried.

The turkeys showed up in Albany around last Thanksgiving. Authorities suspect they're hanging around because someone's been feeding them, and they want that to stop.

You might not think turkeys are intimidating, but check out how cocky (pun intended) they seem in this video.

And if you want to see how scary some folks think turkeys can be, check what happened in October 2011 when Sacramento TV producer Duffy Kelly went to another California town that was having problems with the birds. As this video shows, she freaked out when one turkey wouldn't leave her alone. (Note: there are a few mild curses.)

TV producer Duffy Kelly's 2011 encounter with a turkey in Arden, Calif.

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