Top Stories: Boston Bombing Aftermath; Hacked; Iran Quake : The Two-Way Also: Earthquakes also shake Oklahoma; a nonpartisan panel alleges the U.S. committed torture after Sept. 11; "Lumpy Rutherford" of Leave It To Beaver fame dies.

Top Stories: Boston Bombing Aftermath; Hacked; Iran Quake

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Boston Marathon Explosions: Latest Developments.

-- Hacked; 'Syrian Electronic Army' Takes Credit.

-- Strong Earthquake Shakes Iran, Near Pakistan Border.

And here are more early headlines:

"At Least 5 Earthquakes Rock Oklahoma; No Injuries Reported." (The Oklahoman)

"Report: Non-Partisan Panel Finds U.S. Practiced Torture After Sept. 11." (The New York Times)

"Memorials Planned On Sixth Anniversary Of Virginia Tech Shootings." (Virginian-Pilot)

"Facing Charges, Former Pakistani Leader Musharraf Is Disqualified From National Elections." (BBC)

"Police Allege Former Texas Official Linked To Threatening Email 1 Day After Murders Of Texas D.A., Wife." (AP)

"Scientists Investigate Giant Snails Infesting Southern Florida." (

"Actor Frank Bank Dies; Played "Lumpy Rutherford" On Leave It To Beaver." (People)