Top Stories: Boston Latest; Immigration Debate : The Two-Way Also: There's a report that Syria used chemical weapons in the civil war; France's embassy in Libya is bombed; a hearing continues today for the suspect in the ricin letters case; and the beloved oaks at Auburn University can't be saved from poisoning and must be cut down.

Top Stories: Boston Latest; Immigration Debate

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Early Thinking: Boston Suspects Were Working On Their Own.

-- Immigration Overhaul Seems On Track Despite Boston Tragedy.

And here are other early headlines:

"French Embassy In Libya Bombed, Two Injured." (UPI)

"Report: Syrian Government Has Used Chemical Weapons In Civil War." (USA Today)

"Hearing Continues For Ricin Letters Suspect." (The Associated Press)

"Canadian Train Terror Suspects To Appear In Court Today." (CBC)

"Second Child Dies After Philadelphia Parents Use Prayer, Reject Medicine." (AP)

"L.A. Airport Display Boards Changed, Passengers Wrongly Told To Leave Terminals." (Los Angeles Times)

"Warning To Teens: Avoid The 'Cinnamon Challenge.' " (ABC)

"Poisoned Alabama Oaks To Be Cut Down Today." (Huntsville Times)