Kiss Cam Breakup : The Two-Way A minor league baseball team captured what looks like a blowup when a young woman's guy wouldn't get off the phone to kiss her. The video's been viewed a more than a million times. Judge for yourself whether this was real or not.

Great Fake? 'Kiss Cam Breakup' Video Goes Viral

Given that this kind of thing's been faked before, there's good reason to be very suspicious. The Los Angeles Times' Houston Mitchell is one of many who are sure it was staged.

But that's no reason not to enjoy the "Kiss Cam Breakup" video that's gone viral since minor league baseball's Fresno Grizzlies put it online last week. Be sure to stay with it through the 50-second mark. For us, a telling clue is the way the "boyfriend" moves the phone out of the way — almost as if he was anticipating what would happen.

Anyone out there know the characters in this mini-drama?

FresnoGrizzlies YouTube

For a similar, but even more dramatic kiss cam drama, check out this one from a Houston Rockets basketball game last November.


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