Implosion Interruptus: Silo Needs Extra Push To Come Down : The Two-Way VIDEO: The explosives went off, but the grain silo in Australia only leaned. Heavy equipment had to be brought in to finish the job.

Implosion Interruptus: Silo Needs Extra Push To Come Down


We like videos of bridges and buildings and other things being blown up on purpose.

Here's the story of an implosion that didn't go quite according to plan, which may make it even more fun. On Sunday near Brisbane, Australia, a silo used to store malt for brewing beer was supposed to collapse upon itself after a set of controlled explosions.

The 50-year-old structure wouldn't go down. It leaned, but wouldn't topple. It took about 40 minutes for heavy equipment to push it over the rest of the way.

The BBC has video. As Australia's 9News adds "this old girl wasn't ready to go." The silo was about 50 years old. One young witness tells the network that the eventual collapse was "awesome."

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