Please Welcome The Parallels Blog: 'Many Stories, One World' : The Two-Way NPR has launched a blog that looks to tell stories from around the world that connect us all.

Please Welcome The Parallels Blog: 'Many Stories, One World'

We want to note the launch of a new NPR blog — Parallels, which condenses its mission into four words: "Many stories, one world." international editor Greg Myre, who's hosting the blog, writes that:

"We have reporters around the world who are willing to go anywhere to find a good story and explain what it means. And they are the reason we are launching this blog.

"Our correspondents won't just be reporting the news, they will be looking to tell stories that connect us all. They will be seeking out, well, parallels, between stories far away and those close to home. And in the process, we hope to offer up some uncommon answers and alternate perspectives."

Among Parallels' early offerings:

-- As Gamblers Gather, Thailand's Child Boxers Slug It Out.

-- A Pricey In-Flight Bed Gives Netanyahu Political Nightmare.

-- As Stigma Eases, Single Motherhood In Mexico Is On The Rise.

Our mission here at The Two-Way will remain the same. We'll aim to jump on stories as they happen, as we did earlier today when the news broke in Russia that authorities there claim to have uncovered a CIA agent. And we'll look to spotlight some of Parallels' reporting, as we scan the Web for the best stories.