Hilarious: Israeli Education Minister Can't Stop Laughing : The Two-Way Education Minister Shai Piron had to ditch his Knesset speech after he got tripped up by the word "penetration."

Hilarious: Israeli Education Minister Can't Stop Laughing

Tuesday was a funny day in the Israeli Knesset. According to Haaretz, Education Minister Shai Piron stood before the parliament set to deliver a speech about prison contraband.

Piron then explained the penalties for the "penetration of" dangerous objects into prison cells. He lost his composure and just could not stop laughing. The video — in Hebrew — doesn't really need any translation:


Haaretz reports that Piron ultimately just gave up.

We'll add that we just can't imagine anything of the sort ever happening in our U.S. Congress. (We even asked the two people we know with impeccable knowledge about those two esteemed institutions, and NPR's Ron Elving and Ken Rudin could not think of a time where someone lost it on the floor of the House or Senate.)

We do remember the time that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper got the giggles.