Cardboard Bike's Fundraiser Is Rolling : The Two-Way Israel inventor Izhar Gafni hopes to make reliable, tough bikes that can sell for only about $20 each. Videos of his invention went viral last year. He's using the Web to raise money.

Cardboard Bike's Fundraiser Is Rolling

The cardboard bicycle. Baz Ratner /Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Baz Ratner /Reuters /Landov

The cardboard bicycle.

Baz Ratner /Reuters /Landov

A quick update for the many who seemed fascinated by Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni's cardboard bicycle and his bid to bring it to the world:

The online fundraiser we posted about earlier this month was launched Tuesday. Click here if you're interested in seeing what Gafni's Cardboard Technologies has going and what's promised — depending on how much you contribute ($1 to join; $50 for a miniature model of a bike; $290 for a limited edition, early production model of the bike itself).

Delivery depends, of course, on how well the fundraising effort goes. The goal is $2 million. As of early afternoon Tuesday, a little more than $10,000 had been collected. If all goes well and the company takes off, Gafni has said he hopes the bikes can be sold for about $20 each and that they will bring cheap, reliable transportation to some of the world's poorest nations.

If the bikes are eventually produced and delivered, you also might want to consider a cardboard helmet.