Dramatic Crash Video Among Latest Clues In Asiana Accident : The Two-Way A "plane spotter" who was recording as jets came in to San Francisco International Airport on Saturday captured video of the accident. It shows the aircraft hitting the ground and sliding down the runway. Remarkably, 305 of the 307 people on board survived.

Dramatic Crash Video Among Latest Clues In Asiana Accident

This video shows the crash of Asiana Flight 214 on Saturday in San Francisco. Note: Consider whether you wish to click the "play" button; you may find the images to be disturbing.

CNN YouTube

"Oh my God ... oh my God ... oh my God."

That was plane spotter Fred Hayes' reaction Saturday as he videotaped what turned out to be the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 in San Francisco.

CNN has been airing Hayes' video and has also posted it on YouTube. Though it was taken from quite far away, you can see what happened. Needless to say, you may not want to watch. Bear that in mind before hitting the play button.

Remarkably, nearly all 307 people on board the jet survived the crash. Two teenage girls — Chinese students coming to the U.S. — died from injuries they suffered. Officials are investigating the possibility that one of those girls may have been struck by a rescue vehicle that was rushing to the scene. More than 180 people were injured.

Among the other news Monday morning about the crash and the investigation into what happened:

-- "Officials Probe Why Crashed SF Jet Flew Too Slow." (The Associated Press)

-- "Determining Cause Of Asiana Crash Could Take Years." (USA Today)

-- "Pilot Of Crashed Asiana Plane Was In 777 Training." (Reuters)

-- "NTSB Investigators Probe Clues Of Asiana Flight 214 Crash." (Morning Edition)

-- "Inside The Doomed Jet: Darkness, Screaming." (San Francisco Chronicle)

-- "Asiana Apologizes Over Jet Crash Accident." (South Korea's Yonhap News)

From the NPR Newscast: NPR's Leila Fadel on Monday's violence

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