Top Stories: Egypt Violence; Gingrich Warns GOP On Healthcare : The Two-Way Also: several car bombs in Baghdad kill many people; the Taliban kidnap a female Afghan lawmaker; the destructive Idaho wildfire is expensive to fight; and now that small amounts of marijuana are legal in Washington state, Seattle police will hand out Doritos at a weekend pot festival.

Top Stories: Egypt Violence; Gingrich Warns GOP On Healthcare

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- After Deaths Of Hundreds, More Bloodshed Feared In Egypt.

-- Gingrich: Most GOP Lawmakers Have 'Zero' Ideas On Healthcare.

And here are more early headlines:

Spate Of Car Bombings Kills Many In Baghdad. (Associated Press)

Japanese Officials Visit Controversial War Shrine On Anniversary. (Bloomberg)

Taliban Kidnap Female Afghan Lawmaker, Demand Prisoner Release. (BBC)

Destructive Idaho Wildfire Costs Nearly $3 Million To Fight. (Idaho Statesman)

California Judges Reject Bid To Block Same-Sex Marriages. (San Jose Mercury News)

Kansas Lawmakers Won't Revisit Voter ID Law In Special Session. (Wichita Eagle)

Disturbance In Atlantic Set To Become Tropical Storm Erin. (Weather Channel)

Seattle Police To Hand Out Chips At Marijuana Festival This Weekend. (Seattle Times)