Top Stories: Egypt's 'Day Of Rage'; NSA And Privacy : The Two-Way Also: earthquakes shock New Zealand; Idaho's wildfires continue to rage; a dispute over where to bury Richard III's bones goes to court; baseball will expand its use of instant replay, and, at last: the CIA reveals the location of the mysterious 'Area 51'.

Top Stories: Egypt's 'Day Of Rage'; NSA And Privacy

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- In Egypt: Fear That 'Day Of Rage' Will Add To Body Count.

-- NSA Has Broken Privacy Rules 'Thousands Of Times Each Year'.

-- There It Is! Area 51 Revealed In Declassified CIA Report.

And here are more early headlines:

Earthquakes Rattle New Zealand's Capital. (Radio New Zealand)

Consumer Prices Rise Slightly In July. (Bloomberg)

High Temperatures, Wind Fan Massive Idaho Wildfire. (Reuters)

Caribbean Storm Could Form New Tropical Depression. (

NASA Says Planet-Hunting Spacecraft "Kepler" Is Badly Disabled. (National Geographic)

Voyager 1 Has Left The Solar System - Or Not. (Los Angeles Times)

Dispute Over Burial Of Richard III's Bones Goes To Court. (BBC)

Baseball To Widen Use Of Instant Replay Next Year. (ESPN)