Top Stories: The Federal Government Shuts Down : The Two-Way Also: Enrollment opens in the new health care exchanges; Israel's prime minister will warn the U.N. against Iran's nuclear program; U.S. diplomats are expelled from Venezuela; and British police nab a thief by spraying him with a liquid that glows green in ultraviolet light.
NPR logo Top Stories: The Federal Government Shuts Down

Top Stories: The Federal Government Shuts Down

Good morning, here are our early stories:

— No End In Sight As Government Shutdown Begins.

— Obama: 'Perpetual Cycle Of Brinksmanship ... Has To End.'

— In Talk Of Shutdown, A Familiar Feeling At The White House.

And here are more early headlines:

Despite Government Shutdown, Obamacare Opens Enrollment Today. (Reuters)

Israeli Prime Minister Visits U.N. Today, Warning Against Iran. (CBS)

U.S. Diplomats Expelled From Venezuela For 'Sabotage'. (CNN)

Bangladesh Sentences Opposition Leader To Death For War Crimes. (BBC)

Greece Cracks Down On Far Right Party Accused Of Murder, Corruption. (Guardian)

Jury Seated In Insider Trading Trial Of Dallas Mavericks Owner. (New York Times)

UC Berkeley Blast May Be Linked To Underground Copper Theft. (San Jose Mercury News)

Police Catch Thief Sprayed With Liquid That Glows In Ultraviolet Light. (Reuters)