VIDEO: 'I Quit' Dance Sure Works For Millions : The Two-Way When young journalist Marna Shifrin decided to say so long to the animation company where she was working, she did it in a video that's now gone viral. Now, both the company she quit and others are doing their own versions — all set to some Kanye West.

VIDEO: 'I Quit' Dance Sure Works For Millions

Marina Shifrin YouTube

Dance break!

Take a couple minutes if you haven't seen it yet to watch young journalist Marina Shifrin's video resignation from the Taiwan-based animation company where she worked for about two years. (This may be obvious, but since it's set to a Kanye West song we need to say that there's a bad word or two.)

As of Wednesday morning the 5-day-old video had been watched about 8.3 million times.

Now, as happens, it's inspiring others — including Next Media Animation, the company Shifrin has said a funky goodbye to. Check out the staff's "we're hiring!" response.

NMAWorldEdition YouTube

And Shifrin herself recommends this "work-at-home-mom" parody of her parody.

Brenna Jennings YouTube

Shifrin joins others who have famously fired themselves; including:

-- JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater, grabbed some beer, spewed some expletives and popped the emergency slide on his way out of a job.

-- Greg Smith, the Goldman Sachs executive who flamed his firm in a New York Times op-ed.

Reuters rounded up some other notable resignations in this video.

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