Top Stories: The Mandela Memorial : The Two-Way Also: Two French troops are killed in Central African Republic; the European Union's foreign policy chief heads to Ukraine as protests continue; the stranded pilot whales died in Florida from malnutrition; and a 152-year-old wooden shipwreck is found on the bottom of Lake Huron.
NPR logo Top Stories: The Mandela Memorial

Top Stories: The Mandela Memorial

Good morning, here are our early stories:

— WATCH: A Live Feed Of Nelson Mandela's Memorial Service.

— Live Blog: Nelson Mandela's Memorial Service In South Africa.

— Honoring Mandela, In Gestures Large And Small.

— French Court Sentences Executive For Selling Faulty Breast Implants.

And here are more early headlines:

Snow Forecast Closes Federal Government In Washington, D.C. (NBC)

IRS Nominee Faces Senate Confirmation Hearing Today. (AP)

2 French Troops Die In Central African Republic Before Hollande Visit. (Wall Street Journal)

E.U. Chief Headed For Ukraine As Protests Persist. (Bloomberg)

Jury May Get Case Of Former New Orleans Officer In Katrina Shooting Today. (

Stranded Pilot Whales Died In Florida Of Malnutrition. (CBS)

Lower-Level City Official Convicted In Bell, Calif. Corruption Case. (AP)

152-Year-Old Wooden Shipwreck Discovered In Lake Huron. (Reuters)