Top Stories: Nobel Physics Prize; Ebola In Spain : The Two-Way Also: A federal appeals panel upholds Wisconsin's voter ID law; dengue fever kills six and infects 20,000 in China; and New Mexico builds a "singing road" to encourage motorists to slow down.

Top Stories: Nobel Physics Prize; Ebola In Spain

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- 3 Scientists Win Nobel In Physics For Development Of Blue LED.

-- Nurse In Spain Gets Ebola, Officials Say 'We Followed Protocol'.

And here are more early headlines:

Federal Court Upholds Wisconsin Voter ID Law. (Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel)

Illinois Man Detained, Suspected To Trying To Join Islamist Militants. (USA Today)

India, Pakistan Clashes Continue Along Kashmir Border. (Reuters)

Dengue Fever Infects More Than 20,000 In China. (South China Morning Post)

Myanmar Pardons More Than 3,000 Prisoners. (BBC)

Retail Sales Forecast To Rise This Holiday Shopping Season. (Bloomberg)

How To Watch Tonight's "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse. (National Geographic)

VIDEO: New Mexico Builds "Singing Road" To Promote Driver Safety. (KOAT)