Your #NPRUglySweaters: The Joy Of Knitwear We Ought Not Wear : The Two-Way A bright, blinking, tinsel-covered, delightfully tacky peek inside of NPR listeners' closets — check out some of our favorite photos of your favorite Christmas attire.
NPR logo Your #NPRUglySweaters: The Joy Of Knitwear We Ought Not Wear

Your #NPRUglySweaters: The Joy Of Knitwear We Ought Not Wear

When it comes to the perfect holiday sweater, for many people, cheesy is good — tacky is better — and astonishingly ugly is best of all.

The demand for ugly holiday sweaters has reached such a height that it's changed how businesses stock for the season, as Eleanor Klibanoff reported for us on Weekend Edition Saturday. Wal-Mart and Kohl's sell new "vintage" ugly sweaters, and actual vintage stores have had to start searching for new stock to sell.

All the talk of ugly sweaters got us thinking — surely NPR listeners had a few spectacular examples in their closets! So we asked our audience to share images with the hashtag #NPRuglysweaters.

From biomechatronics labs, office parties and living rooms across the nation, you responded. Here are a few of our favorites — and to be clear, we jest in our headline. If you have sweaters this spectacular, you should wear them every chance you get.


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Ugly sweater contest winners of the TPR staff! #HappyHolidays

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You don't really love your spouse until u have a sweater with their face on it!! #npruglysweaters

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It's not Christmastime until there's an ugly sweater party. 🎄

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And finally, here are some pictures of NPR's own #NPRuglysweaters.