WATCH: Tornado Skirts Past Cows In Oklahoma : The Two-Way Filmed by storm chasers, the video was shot near Elmer, Okla., on Saturday.

WATCH: Tornado Skirts Past Cows In Oklahoma

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Tornadoes in western Oklahoma damaged homes, brought down power lines and otherwise caused havoc Saturday evening, but no casualties have been reported.

In the video above, storm chasers in Elmer, Okla., film one twister as it drops hail on a nearby cow pasture. (Language warning: you can hear the first syllable of an expletive before the commentator stops himself mid-word).

The National Weather Service says tornadoes touched down near three towns in southwestern Oklahoma — besides Elmer, also in Tipton and Elk City, according to The Associated Press.

The AP says heavy rain and winds also hit Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Minnesota, where there were some reports of tornadoes near the South Dakota border.