Cat Stowaway Flies High; Humans Oblivious : The Two-Way Today's cat video finds one of our furry friends slipping aboard a light airplane. He may want to try earth-bound transport next time.

Cat Stowaway Flies High; Humans Oblivious

A cat went exploring the other day and found out what it's like to fly.

A light plane took off from an airfield in French Guiana, and at first all was normal. Watch the right side of the frame.


At the risk of anthropomorphising, the cat seemed to be rethinking this jaunt. His fur looks like the wind was battering him pretty good.

The pilot, Romain Jantot, and a woman with him took a while to notice the feline passenger, but then landed ASAP.

On the ground, the pilot tried to help the cat down. But as with any cat in a high place, he didn't seem to need assistance, and leaped down on his own, off to the next adventure.