2 'Ninjas' Attempt To Rob Store With Knife, But Cashier Had A Bigger Blade : The Two-Way The cashier of the Pittsburgh, Pa., convenience store, went with the sword, although he also had a gun. He said that the robbers could have easily been shot, CBS affiliate KDKA TV reports.

2 'Ninjas' Attempt To Rob Store With Knife, But Cashier Had A Bigger Blade

When two men dressed as ninjas entered a convenience store in Pittsburgh with a foot-long knife, the store's cashier was prepared, writes the local CBS affiliate KDKA.

Security video from Perry Market shows Jewad Hayih fending off the would-be thieves — with a sword that's much bigger than their knife.

He then chases the knife-wielding man out of the store. Both suspects are still at large as of Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

Though swinging the sword around with great fervor seemed to do the trick, Hayih says he had a gun too.

KDKA continued:

"Police say the suspect who went behind the counter wore a red ski cap with a white stripe and black shirt and pants. The other suspect is described as 6 feet tall and 160 pounds – wearing a hooded sweatshirt and black pants.

"The store owners also say they have 16 cameras placed strategically in and outside of the building. They want everyone to know they are part of the community and want to serve their customers, as well as deter crime."