Los Angeles Schools Will Reopen After Threat Is Deemed Hoax : The Two-Way School officials decided to reopen schools after the more than 900 in the district were inspected and found to be safe.

Los Angeles Schools Will Reopen After Threat Is Deemed Hoax

The second largest school district in the country will be back in business this morning.

The Los Angeles Times reports that officials worked through the evening to inspect more than 900 schools in the district and found them to be safe.

As we reported, an emailed threat caused Los Angeles County Unified School District to cancel classes on Tuesday. The New York school system received a similar threat but they deemed it a hoax and didn't cancel classes.

The Times reports that officials defended their decision to shut down schools:

"L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck defended the decision to close the schools, saying investigators did not know at the time whether the threat was legitimate.

"'I think it's irresponsible ... to criticize that decision at that point,' Beck said. 'Southern California has been through a lot in the past few weeks. Should we put our children through the same thing?'

"He said the email included all Los Angeles Unified schools and mentioned explosive devices, 'assault rifles and machine pistols.'

"'These are obviously things we take very seriously,' Beck said."

Law enforcement officials have told NPR that the person who sent the email wrote that he had been bullied at schools in Los Angeles.

At first, school officials called the threat "credible," but, KTLA-TV reports that after a 12-hour investigation "the LAPD, LAUSD, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and FBI 'have determined that this is not a credible threat,' Beck said."