WATCH: Shadow Of The Moon Crosses Earth During Solar Eclipse : The Two-Way The total solar eclipse on March 9 wasn't visible anywhere in North America, but Indonesia got a perfect view. Now you can see the eclipse from the other side ... that is, the view from space.

WATCH: Shadow Of The Moon Crosses Earth During Solar Eclipse

University of Wisconsin-Madison / CIMSS and Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and NOAA. YouTube

On March 9, a total solar eclipse was perfectly visible in Indonesia. Alaska, Hawaii, parts of southeast Asia and some of Australia got a partial view.

The rest of us, alas, were out of luck.

But now you can enjoy the view from another angle — the solar eclipse as seen from space.

The Himawari geostationary satellites, operated by Japan's meteorological agency, captured the sight of the moon's shadow traveling across the Earth. Yasuhiko Sumida, a scientist visiting the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, stitched them together into the video above.

It was shared on the CIMSS Satellite Blog.

NASA satellites caught a glimpse of the moon shadow, too: The Deep Space Climate Observatory released the gif below.

Satellite images of Wednesday's solar eclipse.

NASA says this animation was "assembled from 13 images acquired by NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), a four-megapixel charge-coupled device (CCD) and Cassegrain telescope on the DSCOVR satellite."