Dos Equis Reveals 'Most Interesting Man' Numero Dos, Augustin Legrand : The Two-Way Augustin Legrand is the new star of Dos Equis' popular ad campaign. He takes over from Jonathan Goldsmith, whose character was sent on a one-way mission to Mars.
NPR logo 'Most Interesting Man' Numero Dos: New Face Of Dos Equis Ads Revealed

'Most Interesting Man' Numero Dos: New Face Of Dos Equis Ads Revealed

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Sure, he can chop open a coconut with a bare hand, carry a piglet through a cramped alleyway, dive into a well to retrieve a lost soccer ball — but has he won the lifetime achievement award, twice?

Does his blood smell like cologne? Is there a sandwich named after him on every continent

Does he bowl overhand?

Dos Equis has revealed the new face of its wildly popular "Most Interesting Man in the World" ad campaign.

The last star, Jonathan Goldsmith — who is an interesting man in his own rightwas dropped earlier this year, as the beer company moved to "contemporize" the campaign.

His character was blasted off on a one-way mission to Mars. Goldsmith, for his part, is now writing and making videos for the online magazine True.Ink.

Dos Equis released a few ads featuring sportscaster Erin Andrews and actor Luis Guzmán as the 5,008th and 8,507th most interesting people in the world, respectively.

Now it has unveiled the new No. 1. He's played by Augustin Legrand — a trilingual French actor, more than 30 years younger than Goldsmith, who shows off his Spanish in the teaser ad.

The full ad campaign will begin in October.