Lifelong Fiddler (and Democrat) Still Pondering Obama : Vox Politics Take Me To Your Leader meets a lifelong Democrat in Arkansas who's not sure about Obama.

Lifelong Fiddler (and Democrat) Still Pondering Obama

Glenn Morrison says good strong leadership has never been as important as right now, but he's not sure who he'll vote for this November. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption

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David Gilkey/NPR

Glenn Morrison comes from an old Arkansas music family. His twin cousins were well-known performers, and his father, Willie Morrison, sang at the 1963 music festival that put his town of Mountain View on the map. And so when we got to town to talk about music and leadership, everyone said we should go see Glenn.

Martin Darrell -- a fiddler in Mountain View who's trying to preserve traditional music of the Ozarks -- volunteered to take us.

Martin Darrell works to collect and transcribe old fiddle tunes -- some of which predate the Revolutionary War. He doesn't own a TV and doesn't care about watching the conventions. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption

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David Gilkey/NPR

Martin led the way over twelve miles of windy, dirt roads to Glenn's home, where we were invited in to chat about music and politics -- but mostly music. He even unpacked his fiddle and played us a song called Eighth of January.

We did manage to talk a little about the elections. Glenn is a lifelong Democrat, but this year he's not sure which way he'll vote. When asked about Obama, he said he doesn't know enough about him. Glenn says he hears a lot about what Obama's going to do and not so much about what he's done. And not knowing enough about Obama is "the only thing that causes [him] doubt."

At the same time, he's not a huge fan of McCain either. He doesn't like to hear McCain talk about Washington being broken because after twenty-plus years there, McCain "may have helped break it, if it is [broken]."

When looking for a leader, Glenn says people want someone they can trust -- no matter what level of office. And for him, trust begins with knowing and being comfortable with your candidate.