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McCain: Republican Hats Off, American Hats On

The Republicans have suspended most of the convention activities scheduled for Monday, in light of both Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna. The only activity that will occur is "essential business," including adopting the party platforms and electing officers.

At today's 4:00 p.m. briefing on the state of the Republican National Convention, Sen. John McCain said that "The time for action is now." He used the briefing to also call upon fellow Republicans to dial back political attacks, while "we are facing a great national challenge and the possibility of a great national natural disaster." McCain expressed concern about the ability of emergency responders to communicate with each other, but said that, "I'm happy to report to you that the coordination and the work that seems to be happening at all levels looks excellent."

"I want to thank my fellow Republicans as we take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats" -- John McCain, on the need to focus on the potential disaster from Gustav and Hanna.

Campaign manager Rick Davis added to McCain's comments, saying that the convention would meet the minimal required functions to nominate the candidate. Davis said that the speculation that McCain wouldn't be there for the nomination was just that.

Davis said that all speakers are still expected to still speak at some point. Presumably, that statement doesn't extend to Pres. Bush, VP Cheney and Gulf Coast governors.